September 25th, 2006

Psychidellic Rev

Reflections on Mortality. . .

Today is the day for it, let me tell ya.

My Grandma's 3rd Husband of 14 years, who has been suffering a slow but steady decline into alzheimers didnt last three weeks once they moved him from living with her to managed care. He just withered up and died, he no long recognized her, or remembered where he was, it took 5 nurses to restrain him when he acted up. I can't even begin to imagine what that was like for him.

He was an incredible guy, a submariner in WWII and he and my grandma were very happy toghether.

So I got up this morning, got on my nice clothes in preperation for the funeral this afternoon, and headed out for work. Something made me turn off the noize music and turn NPR on. Just in time to catch the traffic announcement about an overturned cement mixer that had all of the eastbound lanes on HWY 215 blocked off.

Eh I thought, I'll re-adjust my route to go down russell and bypass the freeways.

And off I went.

I had pleanty of time, so I wasnt driving anywhere near as aggressively as I normally do. I rolled up behing a Hyundai Tucson in the left turn lane at the intersection of Jones and Russell.

I'm mildly daydreaming, and waiting for the light to change. I see the light change to red for Jones, and I see a little maroon either a Dodge Intrepid or a Saturn Ion pull off of Russel heading east to take a left onto jones going north. Then I hear this horrendous crunch as the front half of the sedan explodes outward and time dialates as the emerging front of the Chevrolet Express van explodes through the car, impacting at somehwere around 70-80mph showering the Hyundai with proken peices of car while proceeding to hurtle past my slack jawed face and rolling three or four times before coming to rest on it's side in the construction site on the NE side of the intersection.


I saw hordes of people running towards the cars, 25-30 people on cell phones, they had it covered, so I and the Hyundai drove through the scattered bitz 'o' car's, and I headed off to work.

Definately contemplating life the universe and everything this morning.

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Psychidellic Rev

Post Funeral. . .

I was by far the youngest person at the funeral. I was surrounded by my Uncles and Aunts, and Gread Uncles and Great Aunts.

It was very odd, and very solemn. It was a very powerful experience. I've never seen a color guard perform the ritual and I had tears rolling down my face by the end of it. I can understand the no flag burning amendment people at times like that.

It's the first funeral I've been to as an adult. I've had other people in my life die, but was denied the opportunity to attend their funerals by selfish parents who decided that there would be no funeral for them, or that friends were not welcome at the funeral, and had to deal with the grieving process on my own, or with friends associated with the departed and left in the same lurch as I was.

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