September 10th, 2006

Psychidellic Rev

Wheee. . .

The myspace vacation or window of opportunity continues at work. The last two days have seen me devote some time to prettifying my various Myspace Profiles.

I now have two of my own, and am responsible for 4 of them total. (This will be Next Weeks Project)

Looks like I will be making it out to Attik @ Barcode this week. winterr is in town and we're going to hang out tomorrow evening and go and introduce him to some of the scene.

Dunno where sleep is going to fit into this, but I also have to get my car registered this weekend and get plates put on the bitch. . . I'm trying to decide. . . but havnt decided on whether or not I want to go for the RZRSLVE vanity plates as of yet. . . it's only an additional 36 a year.