September 1st, 2006

Psychidellic Rev

Yay for Rocco's Pizza. . . and free internet.

It's been quite a week so far, I've been drinking and djing just about every night since Monday. . .

It all started when the flight attendants offered to "get drunk" any passenger which would give up a seat with an empty next to them so that a mother and daughter could sit next to eachother. . . I was down 3 Cranberry Vodkas by the time we landed in PDX.

Headed out to the SIN night and saw a bunch of people who draged themselves out on a Monday night to say hello to me on my first day in town.

Had fun Djing, and the bartender was evidently happy enough with the turn out that he comp'd me a couple of drinks. Headed back to Patricks and stayed up BSing and talking till way late.

Tuesday went out to dj_ophelia's birthday dinner and picked up my new Dj gear from dj_burn Took it back to Patricks, and had an imprompteau house party that finally died down around 5:00am

Wednesday Picked up my rental car. Next year I'm definately driving. Even with th higher cost of fuel, I could have done the whole trip for FAR less than the aknist $700 I've paid for car rental, airfare etc. Preped for Djing at Embers. Djed at Embers. Holy shit, what a great time. It was awesome to see everybody there. Had fun, got to play LOTS of new music, that had never seen the light of day at that Club. And best of all, they stayed dancing for the whole night.

Thursday, had a small circle of my close, and compatable friends and family over to Patricks, for Okonomiaki littlebirdhouse the directions can be found here Stayed up partying with Patrick, his friend Annie, His Roommate Sara after my brother, Jerry and Mars left.

Friday. . . going to the 80's night at Noir tonight, dunno who I'll see but it will be entertaining in any case. Tomorrow. Camping Begins.

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