August 17th, 2006

Psychidellic Rev

Lunch. . . Day Three of Training. . .

Have an hour and 15 minutes left of lunch. then a some marketing manager training, then the big test for the course, I think I'm going to do well on it. I score 9/10 on the review yesterday but only 10/14 this morning, although I was able to track down the answers I got wrong and get the correct ones implanted in my brain.

Time is rushing by quickly. I can't believ in a week and a half I'll be in Portland with all my peeps there. I'm SOOOO looking forward to it. Need to call my brother and find out what time he'll be available on Saturday to head out for camping. . .

Still no word from Geico about how much they're going to be giving me for the car, I have however found a 2002 Black 4x4 Hundai Santa Fe that gets combined 21mpg that with the glut of SUV's on the market I should be able to talk the dealer down from the $13K they are asking to less that 10K. If I get $2k from Geico after the
deductable I should have a car payment of under 180.00. Insurance will likely be in the $250-300 range though. . . up from the 219 a month I'm paying now.