February 24th, 2006

Psychidellic Rev

Computer Shite. . .

In the process of trying to re-do my whole computer setup, while avoiding having to do a whole flatline and re-install.

Not having much luck as of yet. Getting odd Errors from my Quantum Atlas 10K2 SCSI Drive, so I decided to low level forat it wit the SCSI Bios. Note to self a 70GB Drive takes a LONG ASS TIME to low level format and there is no indicator of what point the process is at.

Maybe I'll go to bed and see if it's done by the morning. .

Although this program on the History Channel on Declassified: Radical Movements which covers everything from the KKK, to the Anarchists, to the Whether Underground. . . it's pretty interesting. . .

Psychidellic Rev

Codine at 9:00am. . . (In the tune of Drugraid at 4:00am by Lard)

Fuck this is the worse possible weekend for me to start getting sick. . . Codine, Steamer, back to bed once the codine kicks in, have soo much to do today but It looks like I'll have to put them off until monday. It also looks like I'll be ravering it up tonight on purpose, so that the face mask doesnt look more ridiculous that it normally would.

c_a_t is coming in tonight. I'm Djing at the Evolution Control Comittee show between 8:00am and 10:00pm (Yay for spinning teh harsh noise) then at Krave between 11:00pm and 1:00am with B. Then I have to be a good host and introduce c_a_t to everyone so that they can come out for his show on Saturday night at City Lights Bistro. I'll have to show up for that, but it will likely be an early night and I'll go home and collapse after that.

Over all, I'm looking forward to tonight. Even if I'm gonna be all hopped up on dayquil. . .

Psychidellic Rev

Sanctuary @ The Krave Lounge 2/24/2006

Nepenthe Industries West
The Krave Lounge Present:

Sanctuary: Darkness on the Dance Floor!

Come out tonight and Enjoy Las Vegas' Premier Industrial, Darkwave, and Eurotechno night.

This week Dj Morning Star, The Rev Dj RaZorslave and Dj Rust Ryu are proud to present a Special Guest Dj set by Ben Aarp (C/A/T - Crunchpod Media). Who is in town for among other things, a show at the City Lights Bistro on Saturday night. I encourage you all to come out and check both out events. .

This weeks drink specials:

5$ Jack and Coke
5$ Vodka Redbull
5$ Jaeger Bomb
5$ Newcastle

No cover Before 12:30am
The Krave Lounge
Corner of Harmon and Las Vegas Blvd
21+ with I.D.
Valet Parking at the Desert Passage Mall (West of the Strip)
Or Park in the Desert Passage Parking structure and walk