January 5th, 2006

Psychidellic Rev

Grr. . . Laptop Frustration. . .

So, as i want to have the laptop set up completely for the digital djing thing by Friday night when I'm supposed to be over an B and gwyll practicing 2 x 4's I last night had 6K of the 18K MP3's set up in Traktor Dj Studio 3 and was happily analyzing the files, for almost 16 hours.

So traktor does the following routine when analyzing files. Analyze list of files, write tags and stripes to update individual files, on close of software, update collection to reflect changes in files.

Now the fun part, Traktor had completed the analyzing of a the selected files, and was in the process of writing the files and stripes when I get a BSOD. . . FUCK. it lost off of that.

Set it up to do a smaller chunk and hopefully it will be done when I get home from work today.