January 2nd, 2006

Psychidellic Rev

Laptop Issues Continue. /

No call recieved in the promised 24 hour period for descision on loander which started at 6:19:15pm 1/1/2006

Called Frys at 6:24pm

Ian placed me on hold twice to check status last time @ 6:32pm. Was on hold for 28 minutes. Called back provided number and had and answer available within 3 minutes to come and pick up my loaner laptop, They say, all I need, is a valid credit card [X] Id [x] and my body [x] I'm also bringing the origonal service contract.

Psychidellic Rev

Fry's Pt III

So I went in to fry's, they actually produced a laptop as a loaner for the 6-8 weeks it will take to repair or replace my laptop.

What I had. . .

Compaq Presario 2103US
Athlon XP Mobile 2800+
30GB HD Space

pulled my 512MB SODIMM from the machine before I turned it in. . .

what I recieved.

HP Pavillion XE2153US
Athlon Semperon 3000+ (64Bit Woot!)
512MB of Ram
60 GB HD

I wish they'd just let me have this one, as it's just a BIT nicer than my old machine. . .

but they did say it was ok to wipe the drive and install whatever on it, as long as they were able to restore to the factory install they would be happy.