September 25th, 2005

Psychidellic Rev

Sacrilege - 9/24/2005 Play list and commentary

It was a really good night at the club, still waiting to hear from Aleisha on the final headcount. But I'd estimate somewhere between 80-90 people. Was a weird night though, there was no consistency at ALL in what people wanted to dance to. sometimes, club favorites, got no response, pure random crack packed the floor. No two songs in the same genre EVER kept people on the floor. It was like they came in to dance for their favorite song, and then poof. . . back to socializing, leaving maybe one or two people on the floor. But apparently they were pretty happy with what I was spinning, as according to Aleisha, she had people raving about the Dj all night long.

I do however have to agree with pyrotech_c3h8 on some very important things regarding djing. Headhunter should NEVER be played in an industrial club. Ever. Any Dj who does, should have their reproductive organs microwaved. If you're so pathetically clueless when it comes to industrial music, that when you request a song by a band with this extensive of a Discography and you have to chose the one single most overplayed, over rated, annoying track in all of industrialdom. You should just kill yourself and save me the trouble attempting to slit your throat with a shattered cd.

Went to Breakfast with Angela and missplatypus had an interesting conversation, and watching Angela blush to her tips (I did say tips right?) was very amusing.

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