September 14th, 2005

Psychidellic Rev

Delayed Das Bunker Playlist for 8/26/2005

Thanks againt to Franck and Rev John for having me, I had a blast

-Passarani: Vtek
-Esplendor Geometrico: Dinamo 3
-Ohrenschmerz: Tote Liebe
-Exclipsect: Radiowave
-Endif vs Leichenfeld: Carrion Swarm
-Re/Agent: Dead and Wounded (terrorfakt remix)
-Discipline Unit: Event 666
-Converter : Butcher
-Sonar: Cosmic Rays (MSB remix)
-Geistform: Xetrov
-Config.sys: Transmission 1938
-Xotox: I want You
-Soman: Delta-Pi
-Combichrist: Das Der Bunker

-Communication Zero: Lose Control (sulpuric Saliva remix)
-Converter: Death Time
-Asche : Zapped
-Kiew: Dc Disk (DD version)
-Ah Cama Sotz: Narbukh (mimetic mix)
-Sonar: Tehoma
-Polluted Axis: Prevent Accidents
-Monolith: Techno Buddah
-HIV+: Illegal Tanz
-Dulce Liquido: Psicosis
-Gewaltakoustik: Halluzinogen
-B-Ton-K: Walking the wax of the Anal Sadistic Warrior
-Config.sys: Gravity Probe
-Noisex: Jaegerdance

-imminent starvation: Event Stars
-Aural Blasphemy: Sonomech V2
-Muted Logic: Damage
-P.A.L.: Gelobnis (terrorfakt remix)
-Xotox: Lichtlos
-Shnarph: Jede Nacht
-Hazing Ritual: Long Walk Home
-The Peoples republic of Europe:Monopoly of Violence (bunker mix)
-This Morn'omina: One Eyed Man
-Combichrist: No Emotion
-Sonar: Got The Message
-Soman: Fly (remix)

-It: Logic Noise Cargo
-Manufactura: Killing You
-Massiv in Mensch: Mein Leitz BOnBon
-Asche : Kiss the Whip
-Feindflug: Kahle Bedrohung
-Architect: Grand Diesel
-Asche: Atomic Ice (ms gentur remix)
-Download: Glassblower
-Hypnoskull: I want Silence
-SKET: Non Ballad
-Proyecto Mirage: Conspiracy
-Winterkalte vs Sulphuric Saliva - Tropical Forst Trade/Inner Violence Apology (Rev Dj RaZorslave remix)
-Xotox: Fieber
-Synth-etik: lek
-Blacklung vs Brighter Death Now: Incoherent Mass American Instanity Tale (Rev Dj RaZorslave remix)
-Soman: Datc
-Monolith: the wisdom of the Prophet

-Trummerwelten: Gewaltouristen (pferderiper)
-Terrorfakt: Mephisto (life Cried remix)
-Hypnoskull: Mechanomatica
-Manufactura: Forever Darkness
-Nin Kuji: Madchen Muss Sterben
-Synthetic Error: Bleak
-Wumpscut : Totmacher (vnv Nation remix)
-Simon Schall: Das Voglein
-Roger Rotor: Drown Delay
-The Operative: A man , A fuse , a bomb
-Iszoloscope: Axel F (aussurier)

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