May 29th, 2005

Psychidellic Rev

Magnetic Celadon - 5/28/05 Playlist

Thanks to all who showed up for this month's inception of Magnetic Celadon. . . Had a great time and really enjoyed seeing the bands I could before I had to leave at Midnight. . . at least I got to doze at my desk this morning for a couple of hours.


Sickboy - Bohemian Crapsody
Enduser - Ill Cosby's Remix Mashup
Noize Creator - Let the Rythm Pump (Cut and Pasted)
Venetian Snares - Winnepeg is Fucking Over
Needle Sharing - Sick Fag (calm down)
Communication Zero - Lose Control (Sulphuric Saliva Remix)
Dulce Liquido - Misogino
H.I.V.+ - (Hidden Track after Atomic Kashmier on Censored Frequencies)
Kate Mosh - Dynamo
KiEw - Gabriel
Sulphuric Saliva - Out of Control

Page 27, no matter what you guys said, you definately were a good follow up to my set and I enjoyed your stuff immensely.

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