May 23rd, 2005

Psychidellic Rev

Dark Skies Report. . .

What a weekend. . . very long, very hot, very fun, those of you who couldnt make it, missed out.

I showed up at the Playa just north of Primm, NV at about 3:30pm, and started setting up, got my tent and provisions taken care of by around 5:30 and started touring the rest of the event after dark. there were probably 100 people there the first night. Although cars kept rolling in until well after midnight. Stayed up all night, got to Dj a little bit on Friday night, before Scholar (Metaphysical Rapper) came on, the Dj Booth was on top of a power lift, which was malfunctioning, so instead of being 40 or more feet above the camp, we were only about 10 Feet above the camp.

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