March 12th, 2004

Psychidellic Rev

Sweet II. . . It keeps getting better

I just got invited to a local G.I House Party on Saturday night, might be good to get out and press the flesh, meet the locals and encourage them to show up for my set. Assuming we get the two Dell Poweredge 400SC up in a cluster arrangement and the two Firebox 1000's configured the old servers migrated down to the fax and print servers. I figure I should be able to slip away from my dad to the Party for a Couple of hours. . . this is my vacation after all.

Things I like about Las Vegas:

Buying a 375ml Bottle Of Jaegermeister for $9.99 at Albertonsons (10.59 With Tax)
How much sex is used to advertise everying.
Tattoo Shops with Freeway Billboard Advertising.
Fry's Computer Stoor that looks like a Casino (pics to come when I return)

Things I hate about Las Vegas:

How much sex is used to advertise everying
How ugly and burnt up so many of the people look.
The Crack Whores that are everywhere
The "Gentlemans Clubs" and Massage Parlours that are everywhere
No Recycling laws, no deposit on pop bottles, the sheer amount of trash on the sides of the road, the fucking INSANE drivers, my dad included. Almost getting T-Boned on Sahara.

Rev Dj RaZorslave
~like a tongue full of asshole. . .
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