December 27th, 2003

Psychidellic Rev

Uggh, last night was. . . interesting.

I let a friend of mine from work talk me into going out to Dr. Feelgoods. A frightening little meat market in the outskirts of Hillsboro, yes Hillsboro. I played pool and drank, at ;east the the hack Dj (Mixing what's that, I just have to hit start and stop the other track right?) knew who "cannibal ox" was when I requested them. But apparently they only play top 40's hip hop and radio crap. I think he tried to throw me a bone by playing, NIN - Closer. **shudders** and the majority of the people looked like trailer park tweaker rejects. Don't think I'll ever be going there again.

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    Cybernetic Fuckheads - troublcauser (sliding elements mix)