June 21st, 2003

Psychidellic Rev

There was much fun to be had last night . . .

Emok and I showed up at around 9:00 with a truck load of PA and Dj gear gos set up and were full on going by 10:00 it was kind of slow in the begining but some people had left to go to a Punk Party in Beaverton (two big parties in Beaverton in one night. . . scard) and they came back with a buch of people. As the evening wore on and people became more drunk most of the girls started shedding clothing in preperation for the pudding war. After the pudding war the drunkenness continued till Patrick the Pizza Faerie showed up with 3 19" Rocco's pizzas. Everyone pigged out and the night was largely drama free. Good Times. Ca'nt wait to start Djing tonight. Its been a weekend of Drunken Djing for me so far and its not destined to end until sometime on Sunday as I still have my friends 21st Birthday to go to at The Ash St. on Sunday.

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