May 21st, 2003

Psychidellic Rev

Computers computers everywhere. . .

Got Washu's machine all assembled and installed. This thing is fucking fast as all hell. I'll post stats as she probably won't get around to it. Its all in black, and its quiet as all hell. Hope she likes it as much as I do.

Black Aluminum Mid Tower Case
Black 1.44MB Floppy Drive
Athlong XP 2600+
Asus A7N8X nForce 2 Mother board
Creative Annhilator Pro GeForce 64MB DDR Video Card (Happy B-Day hun)
80GB WD 7200RPM HD w/8MB Cache
Samsung DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive
Black Mitsumi Optical Mouse w/Scroll
CTL 17" .25DP Black Monitor

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Psychidellic Rev

Placement Tests. . .

Uggh, I just realized I have to go out to PCC by 5:30pm and take a fuckload of placement tests. :( I wanted to go to bed early. Oh Well wish me luck. I also foun out I have .5 PE credits and .5 elective credits to finnish to get my High School Diploma. Woot!.

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    Antigen Shift - implicit Structures
Psychidellic Rev

Just back from PCC

Where I took my assessments.


42 on my Writing Skills
53 (Max Woo hoo) on my Reading Skills
46 on my Math skills


Looks like I'm starting back at school on 6/28/03. Good things are starting to happen in my life. I KNOW THIS damn it. Why the fuck am I sitting here crying.

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