February 20th, 2003

Psychidellic Rev

My first Salvia experience...

So last night at Embers a guy I know gifted me with a small bindle of Salvia Divinorum extract enhanced leaves an ethnogen used by the Mazatec indians for shamanism, divination, healing, meditation, and the exploration of consciousness. So after a night of drinking and socializing I decided that since I was going to have the room to myself for at least an hour I was going to have my first experience.

I prepared myself, turned on the blacklight, put the new Snog album "Return to the Valley of the Proles" & took up my pipe and took a big fat rip.

Within seconds or so it seemed my entire body tripled in weight and I could feel a pressure weighing down on me which manifested itself as an energy web originating in the center of an HR Geiger poster strategically positioned above the stereo and the black light. In the center of the web was an entity I managed to sit up long enough to say aloud "what the fuck?."

The web was physically pushing me into the bed while simultaniously pulling me into a negative image of it self, like something reached into the picture that is my reality tunnel, grabbed a hold of me and tried to pull me through to another reality tunnel.

It went on like this for about 20 minutes and then I passed out.

I'll definitely do it again.

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Psychidellic Rev

[Flux 2.15.03 Playlist]

[ flux 02.15.03 ]

[ razorslave ]
hocico - final resource (therapy version)
cybernetic:fuckheads - the trouble causer
feindflug - kufshuss (aero flot rmx)
hypnoskull - metac intruder
aghast view - timeless (tim schuldt mix)

[ deprived ]
new mind - lightning store (razed in black mix)
project pitchfork - our way down (electro purity mix)
das ich - kindgot (extended)
bel carto - spider dust

[ VSX ]
grendel - end of ages
god module - interference (grendel rmx)
covenant - we want revolution
tumor - be wusst sieg wer weiterung
seichtum - waffenschwur
mimetic - sdall
ah cama stotz - mantraxx
hocico - forgotten tears
n-vitro - transmission
clear vision - pillowtalk

[ razorslave ]
rob d - clubbed to death
i parasite - criminal (eyes sewn shut)
basement jax - get me off
wumpscut - war
dieform - akuma 2
architect - demo tr 6
it - logic noise cargo
nebulah h - white light*
5f_55 - 4e75 4576 4f

[ deprived ]
men without hats - the safety dance
dead or alive - you spin me
information society - a knife & a fork
spice girls - wannabe
snog - make the little flowers grow
leæther strip - baby doll
babyland - burnin up
juno reactor - god is god
soft cell - tainted love '91 (12"version)
coil - heartworms

[ razorslave ]
dieform - the hidden cage
wumpscut - womb (miserable days rmx)
pzycho bitch - big lover (to the subjection mix)
and one - deutche maschine
skinny puppy - warlock*
converter.asche.morgenstern - another monster
implant - dont like them noisy
index - the model
monolith - disco buddha

[ VSX ]
pal - gelobnis
empusae - knowledge
muted logic - abandon
god module - perception

[ deprived ]
das ich - das felin ich (???)
eskimoes in egypt - headhunter