February 6th, 2003

Psychidellic Rev

My baby came home...

I arrived at embers to be told by Glory that they had my CD's. I tracked them down and thanked the Dj who had them profusely. The rest of the night was fairly entertaining, especially later on when my good friend Matt showed up.

I hung with Matt and Bridget and got to witness a drunken club slut falling onto the raised platform in an attempt to come over and hit on Matt. After almost falling out of our chairs laughing at the woman Matt goes over to the bar and the woman goes following behind him up to the bar where he gets to use the ultimate in pickup lines "You fall down often?" She was drunk off her ass and looking to take someone, anyone home, after the obligatory questions regarding Bridget and I (is that your girlfriend or your boyfriend), matt asking her how old she was (40) and after Matt shot her down (you want to take me home? maybe later.) we pointed her at Dallas and decided it was time to go. While we're getting ready Dallas is giving Matt this look like "ha ha I got your woman" and we were laughing at him the whole time hes swapping spit with her on the dance floor.

So sitting out in the car smoking and talking who should we see come stumbling out of embers. Dallas & the 40 year old. They weave their way through the North park blocks to a white pickup and we realize this drunk bitch is actually going to attempt to Drive home.

We decide to follow them to get pictures in case they get in an accident. On the trip up W Burnside she did all right, only ran off the road 3 times, almost hitting a fire hydrant, a telephone pole and a street light. Each time they stopped their leaning over doing the make out at the stoplight All we could think was "she's 40 dude!!!"

If only we'd had his phone number, we could have called him a half hour later and informed him of her age.. LOL

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