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Sanctuary at Krave after report. . .

GREAT night at Krave. I had so much fun, and met so many new people.

B and I decided to break out the full on dj rig, and do a live dj co-op.

Barnaby brought "the coffin[tm]" which consists of 2 Technic's 1200, a Neumark Dual CD Player, and a mixer, the MIDI Drum Kit, and effect processor and other bits of fun, I brought my Stanton S250's and Mixer and we ran it all into a Behringer eurorack and out to the main system.

I was laying down the dance tracks, and barnaby was oversampling and droping beats with the midi drum kit. Had people dancing for most of the first 2 hours, which has been a rarity. Everyone was very very impressed with what we produced. I then got very drunk.

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