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Got my ESI-32 Last night. I've pulled it open and looked inside verified it's pending greatness.

Software Version 2.1
8MB of Ram

Looked around online, apparently for $99 there is an O/S upgrade avalable that includes some new effects and functions that is supposedly still available from E-mu.

And 32MB of 30pin EDO RAM for the onboard RAM Bank will run about $45.00

Talked wtih Cameron, we're getting together next thursday to put the finnishing touches on the last couple of tracks for the ablum. He also thinks he might be able to track down a scsi enclosure which will interface with the sampler.
Plus, I can interface the External HD and the Sampler directly to my PC via my existing SCSI Card. woot!

My little brother and I have been hanging out a bit, we ended up at the Dive Bar last night, with delchi and michelle. Got fairly tossed, worked all day, and will be out at the God Module/System.Syn show tonight, should be a blast.

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