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the backlight on the LCD for my laptop just died. Was working fine yesterday, go to boot it up today, and screens not responding, not a big deal, it's done this before when I've closed the lid without powering it down. I restart it after hard powering it off. Nothing, I punch in my password, let it run, and am leaning back in my chair when I notice that i can see windows in the backgound with the screen tilted just the right way. . .

I purchased an extended 2 year warranty from fry's, it does not cover accidental damage to the laptop, I have dropped it before, but it's worked fine, and it defiantely shows the wear and tear of being a mobile dj rig for over a year. I just hope they don't try to give me to much shit or we will be getting pre-paid legal involved . . . again.

Reviewing the contract now. . . looking at whether I can take it in tonight, or if it will have to be tomorrow. . .


4:15pm Called frys with faxed coy of service contract, they could no locate the invoice number in their computer system. I have faxed them a copy of the paperwork and await a callback.

4:42pm Frys' called back says I can bring the laptop in and it will pull up in the system. I'm going to run it over on my lunch, once things calm down here after about 6;00pm. Hopefully that doesnt take to long, and hopefully they will provide me with the "loaner" laptop that I can hold hostage until live up to the terms of my service contract.

6:42pm Just got back from Fry's, watch them hem and haw and cluck over the cosmetic damage to the laptop. showed them that the laptop still worked, only the backlight was out. They will be calling within 24hrs to advise whether or not they will provide a loaner as per the service contract. Will have a lawyer ready to fax them a letter if they do not. LCT Backlights can fail from physical trauma, but expect the LCD to be shattered in that case.

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