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End of the Year. . . review and reflections. . . stream of concoiussness rant. . .

So I'm at work. I'm fighting off the death plague flu that everyone else in my life has had, is experiencing, is dreading, luckily, I go my flu and pneumonia shots this year, and I will make sure I get them every year from this point on. Instead of being a knock down drag out battle for control of my lungs by the insidious lung oysters and their feared predator the lung lobster, I'm minorly gunky and just plain tired. Hopefully my body will kick this thing to the curb in short order. My mom and dad have been full on sick for the last week, I've been taking care of them as much as I can. Salads are the best evar when I'm sick.

I moved to Las Vegas at the end of last year. In fact, last night was my official one year anniversay in Las Vegas, over all it's been a very successfull year. I got to town, in a state of emotional flux, triggered by not knowing what the hell was going to happen with Cassandra, Bri and I, I hoped for the best and knew in my heart, that if I didnt give it a try I would question for the rest of my life, what if. Got the question answered. I will always love cassandra as the mother of my child, and value her as a close friend who really does understand me. But, I'm no longer in any way in love with her, and there is no way anything could ever come of that situation.

Dated one girl here in town who had her own set of issues, I really should listen when someone tells me they're crazy. I thought with dealing with Cassie's conditions that I had experienced the full range. . . I was wrong. I wish her the best luck and a good life. I hope she's happy.

I've been largely single, and uninvolved with anyone for close to 9 months. . . that's kind of a record for me. It's kind of nice. Lately I have found myself keeping an eye peeled for. . . I don't know. . . something.

I've met a huge amount of people when I moved here. I've made many many good friends, had some drift away, had others walk away. Overall the general calibur of people I associate where in Las Vegas, is at least as high as my circle of friend in Portland. I feel bad that my schedule has gotten so hectic that I havnt been able to spend as much time as I'd like to with some of the people who really helped me to adjust to Las Vegas and the rhythms of this city.

When i left portland, i was burnt on a lot of what was going on in the clubs there. I needed a change, Las Vegas has When I started in the scene here in town, there was one little night, that 30-40 people a week showed up at. The music was for the most part substandard, and played out, very little was being done to expose people to new music or to promote the sceene. It was much like portland in 1994 when the City Night Club was going. Before I started Djing I talked with everyone, and found the general consensus was if there was a diffrent night, with diffrent promoters people would come out. So I started Djing to get my name out, and got to know the regulars. Over the next 6 months we doubled the numbers the following 6 months we doubled again.

We then were approached by the Krave Lounge who had opened a night on the Las Vegas Strip themed towards our scene, but they were having trouble pulling the numbers. B, Jess, Squee, Sarah, Danny, Bri and I went down to check it out. . . looked around, realized that, well, there were three other people in the club. . . looked at the club and the idea blossomed. . .

Started talking it up, the next week we had 47 people show up, the week after we have 96, the week after we have 112, the week after we his 130, the week after 160 the week after 172. And here we sit on the last day of the year. . .

Musical lists. . . Favorite Things that have come out this year. . .

XoToX - [PSI]
Headscan - Pattern Recognition
Gewaltakustik - Gedenkstätte
Binar Code. . . no album yet but god damn I cannot wait.
Heimataerde - Gotteskrieger

This is just ramblin on now. . . so back to surfing the web. . .

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