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Weird ass e-mail i just recieved. . .

I was initially thinking "eh, 419. . ." But huh?

Hi Dear Sir or Madam,

I am the citizen of Bangladesh in south Asia. I am very respectful to
your country. I opened a language school and a NGO( Non Government
Organization) in my country. All languages of the world are taught here. I
am eager to teach your language, culture, custom, Religious and
manners. I want help for you to announce your language, culture, custom,
religious and manners in our country. I am request to you 4 offers. These
are given below:

01. I want to send male labour in your country for working.
02. I want to help to teach your language in our country.
03. I want to my NGO partnership.
04. At least I want to make concert stage program in your country
taking singers from our country.

I want your help for above all the mentioning things. You are citizen
of a big country. So, I request you to help me. I shall be grateful
to you forever. I invite you to visit our country.

Best Wishes,

Badsha Ahmed,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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