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Stuff. . .

Got to work 3 hours late today. . . had an eye exam and new glasses to order. Dialated my eyes, and re-did my retinopathy check, turns out is not as bad as my coke whore eye Dr first thought. Second Opinions are a VERY good thing. I'm VERY happy with my insurance. New glasses, exam, 2 year guaranteed scratch coating, nice 'eddie bauer' frames. . . total cost out of pocket. $77.00. Just have to wait for the lenses and frames to arrive. Should have them by the middle of next week.

Then off to the justice dept. . . had to have my mom drive me as I couldnt read my direction to the court after the unexpected dialation of my eyes. Time to deal with my bench warrant. Oh, I didnt mention that did I. . . oops. Turns out I forgot about a ticket I recieved about 6 months ago. . . double oops, was looking at a $570.00 Fine. Went in, turned myself in got the total dropped to $240.00 and got set up on a payment plan. $80.00 down the tube with another $50 due on 1/12/2006. . . gonna be paying on this one for a couple of months.

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