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New Job. . .

I am now in training to become a CAC CRM (Customer Assistance Center Customer Relations Manager) for GM. The first day was largely uneventful and consisted of paperwork and orientation. The attempted corporate brainwashing propaganda was minimal.

Today however after multiple nights of less than 4 hours of sleep, the fun began (standard brainwashing protocol don't you know). Getting told "our job is to encourage the customer to want to own as many GM vehicles as they can." made me cringe. Oh well, the benefits are good and i can buy a brand new GM car for 4% above dealer cost with no haggling (see its starting).

Today they did the rollout training for the Buick Ranieer (SUV), which is just an Oldsmobile Bravada (SUV)repackaged as a buick becuse its a good seller and they are discontinuing the Oldsmobile Line (announced like 3 years ago) I couldnt help but wonder if we really need to have yet ANOTHER Suv brand on the road.

In other news, my actual copy of H.I.V.+ Abstract and Harsh Ironworks showed up finally. Woot. Just need Hypnoise Movement now and I'll have them all.

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