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Well, my squealing belt issue on the suberglue has resolved itself, it broke on the way to work today, (Had an appt to get it fixed Wednesday) It was my power steering belt so my car is driveable as long as I'm willing to torque on the wheel pretty hard.

I've spent the last couple of days rendering video for the backing video DVD I'm making for Nepenthe Industries Goth Industrial Fetish Events and the club out on the strip. It's amazing it takes 3+ hours to render 5 minutes of video on my XP2800+ Laptop with 768MB of ram. I think the desktop might go a little faster as it's DDR and a full gig without having to use any RAM for onboard video.

Maybe I'll get a copy of the Divx codec and post one of the video's here. Let people mock my creation. But then I'll have to find a song to make it a video, rather than just a silent video.

This week is going to be Crazy. . . Things to Do:

Get 2nd Replacement HD picked up by DHL and shipped back to Seagate.
Get Car Fixed Get at least 50 more minutes of video sequenced, rendered, & burnt to DVD.
Get in touch with Jenn O. Cide about finalizin helping with sound check for Android Lust and Unternull @ Resurrection on Thursday.
Family Dinner at Jess and Barnaby's on Thursday.
Sanctuary @ The Krave Lounge on Friday.
Depeche Mode After Party @ Subversion on Saturday.
Make Lance Corporal on Battlefield 2.



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