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Back from the Dr. . .

Uggh, my bronchitis is back. The only good thing is the doctor prescribed codine cough sryup. Woot! Now I just have to deal with the 20 500mg Eythromycin twice a day for the next 10 days hope this finally kicks this shit out of my body. I think I'm done smoking cloves for a while.



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May. 8th, 2003 12:42 pm (UTC)
Woo... someone else who's had it as bad as I. I took a week of antibiotics while in Romania. It lessened the sickness, but it is still holding on. I'm trying to just let it run its course, but I may find myself visitng the doctor soon as well. I'm so tired of coughing.

sickness is not a recommended weightloss program, nor a recommended stomach-muscle tightening routine... but it works :P
May. 8th, 2003 02:53 pm (UTC)
Mmmmm. . . codeine
My last bout with bronchitis was similar; I hate erythromycin so much! But the codeine cough syrup sure is nice. I've been coughing lately and hoping to not end up with another bout of the ick. It just lingers on and on. . . Now I'm all stuffed up but I think it's the wacky changes in the weather irritating my sinuses.
May. 9th, 2003 12:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the d.composed CD you gave me a few weeks ago at Ember's. It has some amazing cuts. I added you to my friends list (hope you do not mind)
May. 9th, 2003 09:43 pm (UTC)
You are quite welcome, I gave them out to so many people am very happy that you and others like it as much as you all do. It is very good stuff.

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