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Magnetic Celadon Recap.

O.M.G. This was one of the most entertaining nights I have ever had in this town.

Magnetic Celadon happened in the basement bar (Matteos Undeground Lounge) in the Historic Boulder Dam Hotel in homogenous, white bread Boulder City Nevada. Evidently, for the last year or more there have been live bands happening there on thursday, friday and saturday nights. . . and they've built up a following of people, who come to hang out. The only 'people of [any] colour' I saw were people we imported. And the expressions on these laguna beach, ca clones' faces was precious as they tried to make sense of growling walls of static.

How an event dedicated to experimental noise ever got booked here I have no idea, but the looks on the faces of the locals as they wandered in to see what the hell was gonig on was quite hillarious, I'm defianately NOT used to having people cheer for the rhythmic noise I'm playing because it's the closest thing to 'music' they've heard all night. The anamporphasis backing video, involving some strange guy in a gorrilla suit, and another guy tossing pudding at an inflatable love doll, and then eating it off of the doll, did not help.

But, I now want to start an Audio Terrorism night, once a month, at a diffrent random bar throughout the valley, we come in, take over, play nothing but raw noise and fucked up video, and bring a crowd with us, who purchases lots of alcahol, so the positives, (HUGE Bar sales) Outweight the negatives (Whining regulars) and the owners of the bar's don't shut us down after 15 minutes.



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Oct. 3rd, 2005 03:59 am (UTC)
Audio Terrorism night
sounds like a plan!
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