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So I eneded up getting a call from **** last night at 2:00am. She was drunk, wanted to go for a walk. So I headed over there. I got there about 3:00am to find her wathcing a Jerry Lee Lewis flick and drinking Captian Morgans and Coke. She insists that she HATES Musicals, and I'm not allowed to tell anyone diffrent. cuz everyone knows that Drama Dorks HATE musicals. ;p

She makes me a drink, and then we take another one with us on our walk through suburban Las Vegas, we end up by an elementary school but there is no way to access the inviting big toy on the other side of the fence, as well as camera's everywhere. We opt not to hop the fence and instead wander out into the desert next to the houseing developement.

Holy Shit i had the majority of Nevadan's (Nevadian's ??) she sheer amount of shit people dump in the desert is unreal. Personally I find the desert beautiful, when it's not being used as a refuse pile. I did howeever score five, three foot length's of rebar I'm going to cut them into 1 foot lengths and use them for stakes out on the Playa for dark skies.

We wandered back to the house, put the rebar in my car and went inside, to find that Jerry Lee Lewis had been replaced by Big John Wayne in what I vaguely remember was a movie entitled "young joe young" but I can't seem to confirm that on IMDB right now. I proceeded to explainto her the role of homosexualtiy in the old west cowboy lifestyle I got in trouble for ruining her fantasies, I tried to expalin for a lot of women, that just added to the fantasy. I got a dirty look.

Hung out until 5:45am and realized I had to work at 2:00pm. Said my goodbye's ond only fell asleep 3 times on the road. But i was home and asleep by 6:22am

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