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Computer fun . . .

I got my new 73.9 GB SCSI Drive in the mail on Tuesday. . . right before I had to be at work. What a horrible temptation. I made it through work and got home Tuesday and started the process of re-installing everything. About 4:00am I started vomiting, it was either food poisoning or the same thing that my niece and nephew were down with while I was in Provo. It was just the excuse I needed to stay home on Wednesday and finish getting my computer all set up. Between trips to the bathroom over a 6 1/2 hour period I got all the software re-installed and successfully got my backup routine started. Now if anything goes wrong its a twenty minute process to reset my machine back to fresh install status. Woot!

Best of all I got home from work tonight to find my order from had arrived. Hooray, I now own H.I.V.+ Censored Frequencies & Other Mystical Territories Vs Wired Brain 2CD, First Law - Refusal as Attitude & 5F_55 - II. Hooray for tax returns.

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