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Ignorance is astounding. . .

So, I was in the break room preparing my morning coffee when two guys came in to use the microwave, I couldn’t help overhearing their conversation as the room is basically a large broom closet.

G1: how long do I put this in for and how to I make it work.
G2: do 1 min, press that button
G1: trish said do it for 30 seconds
G2: so stop it at 30 Seconds
G1: oh, ok
G2: don't you have a microwave at home
G1: no, I don't believe in them (WTF?))
G2: (lowers voice) you know what I heard, that if you microwave baby formula, and you have a daughter, she will grow up to have larger breasts
G1: really?
me: no, that would be the bovine growth hormone in the milk along with the estrogen like molecule shed by plastic that fools the body.
Both of the: so the microwave has nothing to do with it.
Me: nope. . .

Sometimes humanity embarrasses me.

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