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Speakers. . .

So I was at Big O Tires in Torrence, CA getting my tire changed, and I noticed a boxed set of MTS-2328 speakers kinda just sitting there next to the service counter. I struck up a conversation with the guy about them cuz it was curious that they were just sitting there, turns out he got them from a friend for cheap and hasnt taken them home because he doesnt have room for them. He wonders if I'm interested and says they're expensive speakers but he wants to get rid of them and I can have them for 200.00 I check the boxes, pull one out and offer him $160 which he accepts.

I take them back to las vegas, and work a double, and do a little research. seems that these are *decent* speakers that are being misrepresented as really high quality speakers by 'speakermen' guys who sell speakers out of the backs of vans, they are not stolen or anything, but they have received kind of a bad name due to people getting massively overcharged for them when being led to believe that they are getting a really good deal on possibly *hot* merchandise.

So i got home last night and hooked them up to my parents stereo. I didnt get it up real loud as it was after 11:00pm at this point but they're about or slightly better than the quality I expected to get for that $160.00 they do have crossovers and are rated up to 400w so I look forward to seeing just how badly i can stress them before they really start to distort or fuck up.



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Sep. 2nd, 2005 02:40 pm (UTC)

Gots to love the speaker guys cruisin around: "Hey man, I was making this speaker delievery and they gave me too many pairs! My boss will kill me if I take all these back, so I'm selling them for cheap. You can see by this invoice that they cost $1000 for the pair but I'll sell em to you for $300! What? Don't have that much? How about $200 and something to trade?"

About 5 of my friends have been duped by the speaker guys, some end up with this crappy "Accoustic" brand which are just garbage. Others end up with "Digital Audio 2000" speakers which are actually nice sounding speakers but they exaggerate the wattage limits.

Hey, if they sound OK, you got your money's worth. But don't crank em too high....
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