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Ross Dress for Less Scores. . .

Went to Ross Dress for less last night. My Dj CD Binder was getting a little crowded and Ross has always been good place to get inexpensive cd binders.

I totally scored. 2 Cloth and Metal 96cd Cases $9.99 ea One with black enamled metal (binder one) and one with silve splain metal (binder two) combined with my new database and organizational system for the music, I can easily expand up through this binder and into the next without any issues.

Also picked up a U.S. Luggage Messenger/Laptop Bag Big $12.99 Roomy, allows me to take my laptop with me everywhere, and eliminate a should bag and when I don't want to, I can pull it out, with it's own little padded carrying sleve and leave that at home.

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