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**Twitch. . . Twitch** Review Various Artists "This is Techno Body Music vol. 1" (2CD)

Tracklisting. . .

1. David Guetta - The World Is Mine (Remix By Blackstrobe)
2. VNV Nation - Interceptor (ABM Version)
3. Thomas P. Heckmann - El Hazzared*
4. Zombie Nation - Inside The Speaker
5. DJ Scandy - Touch It
6. Anthony Rother - Back Home
7. T.D.L.L. - Soulhunter (Body Formed)*
8. David Carretta - Kill Your Radio *
9. T-Raumschmiere - Querstromzerspaner (LFO RMX)
10. Hell & Heil - P.D.D" (JH ltd.)
11. Kiew - Zimmer 72 (Rob Acid Remix)++
12. Mediengruppe Telekommander - Bis Zum Erbrechen Schreien (T.Wright RMX)+
13. Vitalic - Candy

1. Alter Ego - Satanic Circus
2. Johannes Heil feat. Marcellus Nealy - Step Into The Light
3. Beyer & Lenk feat. Tiga - Ananda
4. Nitzer Ebb - Control I`m Here (The Hacker Remix)
5. Atomizer - Hooked On Radiation (Orange Alert Mix, by Pet Shop Boys)
6. Analogue Brain - Dead Keen On (Cut One) v2 +
7. Terence Fixmer - Danse Avec Les Ombres
8. Combichrist - This Is TBM ++
9. The Horrorist - Virus (Northern Lite Remix)
10. Richard Bartz - Tuffguy *
11. Alex Smoke - Sortie
12. Basteroid - Against Luftwiderstand (Ada + Metope + Jake Fairley RMX)++
13. The Hacker - Flesh And Bone

Key: *Songs i didn't hate +Songs that were listenable ++songs that I actually liked If it's unmarked I couldnt even make it all the way through the damn track.

Now, I've never been a real big fan of the label TBM (Techno Body Music) and having some of my favorites bands re-branded under this category really rubs me the wrong way. But it's better than SOME of the moronic sub generes of industrial that have been propigated **cough**Rolls eyes**TERRORCORE or COMBAT TRANCE**Rolls eyes**cough**. So a friend of mine lent me a copy of this compiliation to check out. I'm horrified. My ears are begging to be violated with a hatpin to stop the endless onslaught of Bad EBM crossed with horrific electroclash bass lines.

First off. I really have to wonder WHAT THE FUCK, VNV Nation and Nitzer Ebb tracks are doing on this compilation. Seriously it hurts my brain. This is the FIRST time I have ever heard of either of these bands being lumped (undeservedly or now) in with TBM. Neither track, even in the awful remixed state qualifies as what I have always seen or been led to believe was labled as TBM. The Nitzer Ebb track also sucks to EPIC proportions.

Thank god I've got the Form of Hands and Hands 2005 Comps to save my sanity.

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