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Teh Big Update. . .

The L.A. Trip, Das Bunker, Sykomeet, Dungeon, and LA Industrial Fest. . .

This is definately going to take a

Got into LAX on Friday at about 3:15pm. I immediately had to fish my Hoodie out of my bag it was about 85 degrees, and I felt damp, but I was really chilly, The Temp was 120+ at the airport when I flew out. Got to the Rental agency and picked up my car, a PT Cruise, actually quite a fun little car to drive decent stereo, and it came with a CD Player (Woot!) Rolled out of LAX towards huntington beach. And got to experience 5:00pm traffic on the I-405. Followed my mapquest directions and got down to huntington beach. Picked up my friend Charlie and headed for Vinyl Fetish and Amoeba. . . ended up only going to Amoeba Records the frist day. Sorted through their used items and ended up buying

Haujobb's - Vertical Mixes $10.99
Destroid - Future Prophecies $14.99
SNOG - Real Estate Man Plus $9.99
Klute - Excluded $4.99
Controlled Bleeding - Penetration $2.99
Controlled Bleeding - Gilded Shadows $2.99

Then it was off to Das Bunker. We Left Amoeba around 9:15 but due to not knowing the freeway systems and Charlie having about as much clue about the freeway system as a Syphletic Chimpanze with Down Syndrome. We didnt get to bunker until almost midnight. Wandered around introduced myself to Shane and Rev John and found out I will be Djing at Das Bunker int he Noise Room on 8/26/2005. Bounced around the club meeting people and having a blast. Ate Bunker Taco's hung with Shane Saw Axo, Judith, Jenner, Chrome, Charlie, Elliot, had an absolute blast. Am still absolutely elated to be Djing bunker. Thank you again Rev John for the great news. Drove Charlie back to huntington beach and then my sleepy ass up to La Canada to crash at Axomom's house.

Next morning, went to Brunch with Axo and Judith, then back to Huntington Beach to Pich Charlie up, made it to Vinyl Fetish by about 4:00pm Where I blew even more cash.

Picked up a new Black Ant-zen hoodie that i won't be able to wear in Las Vegas for months. $49.99
Picked up Kiew - Diskette EP $15.99
Winterkalte - Drum 'N' Noise $18.99
Hicotan - Headscan $15.99
Massiv in Mensch - Die Rein 15.99
Nine Inch Richards - Closer to Hogs $9.99 (Feels great to replace something I bought and donated to the City Nightclub to Torture the NINies with. I NEVER thought I'd find another copy)

Then it was over to the Sushi Joint for the Sykomeet. Met up with sykospark Her Friend synthnetic nunboi, axo, Judith, Lars, His Girlfriend ad buckets of Sushi and tried to decide what we wanted to do. Ended up back at Amoeba where they now had a copy of SKET - Aktivist available I picked it up for $18.99. Ended up going to Dungeon, said hi to Dj Amanda for serraphim wandered around met more people danced a little but my legs still hurt from dancing at bunker the night before. Took Charlie Home, drove back to La Canada.

Day Three

Got up earlier, picked Charlie up, got some food as I knew I'd be at the L.A. Industrial Fest from 5:00pm to ??? With no re-entry. Got to the show, started wandering around this time with my camera. Spent $55.00 on Merch Picked up a Manufactura T-Shirt

Charlie and Elliot

A Pic of Charlie in my series dedicated to making my friends look stupid. And Hot Girl (mr_jenka) who I hadnt seen since the moved to LA From portland 6-8 years ago. Oh, ;) And her boyfriend.

sykospark, synthnetic and xdingbatx
Inure playing downstairs. . . the music was all right, but I couldnt figure out why they got the main stage but manufactura got the secondary upstaris,
They were actually really nice guys, I talked with them a bit back stage. . . oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

as you will see, the crowd response for manufactura, kicked ass.

Karloz the Man. . . and the Smoking Area/Stage 2 while Caustic was prepping and getting started

xdingbatx and the guy from W.A.S.T.E. _seraphim_ and sxs6sxs Damn Blurry Photo.

So I overheard xdingbatx Saying how difficult it was going to be to Dj with only one Cd player. I mentioned, that if he had a way to get me back into the venue, i had my laptop setup in the car and would be willing to go grab it. He looked at me said he'd have to check with Rev John and wandered off.

Five minutes later he shows back up puts an all access performer wristband on me and tells me to go get my gear and setup. Special All Access Pass Bitches ;)

Five minutes later he shows back up puts an all access performer wristband on me and tells me to go get my gear and setup.

I Djed until Re-Manufactura came on with Karloz doing vocals over Ben and Shane and Dre and the guys from Caustic all re-interpreting his vocals. Karloz, due mostly to the size of Stage 2 spent a lot of time singing and interacting with the crowd. It was the BEST Manufactura show I have ever seen and he had the entire crowd completely in the palm of his hands, wish I'd caught a photo of the girl grinding on his leg, it was hawt.

Its A Joe. . . yay i got to see at least ONE person from Portland

Sykoforum Group Pics. . .

Synapscape. . . music was phenomenal, stage show was fairly active for a couple of knob twiddlers, but the crowd seemed, un-enthused. :(

Syko being a goon, she was so excited to see Synapscape

axo and Chrome (my nipple still hurts ;)

Lots of Fog in the air, crossed with broken LCD on camera, and being unable to see if the pic turned out well = frusteration

Backstage with crunchpod and suongsa Dre and Some Guys who's name I can't remember, but he was playing with Manufactura (Feels like an ass)

Side Smoking Area, met some people from Vegas, chatted polluted lungs

Downstairs with Babyland, I think he was trying to get up on stage with combichrist by moling up through the floor. ;) Yes that's a green fuzzy codpeice. No I didnt want to touch it.

Taken from the Security Pit (Gotta Love All Access) And Gina who was taking pics for at bunker the other night.

Jenner who is hiding fromt he Camera. I first met when i was in town for Imminent and hanging with antikorekore who is also apparently well accuainted with jonathanchrist this world is tooo small. oh and Johnathan, your ex wife says I'm supposed to kick you in the balls for her.

Elliot and I goofing off trying to catch our faces against Combichrist plaing from backstage. He somehow rated a VIP green wristband, i don't know how since "he's a little biatch"*

Best Picture of the night. . . this would be combichrist punnishing manufactura for indiscretions on the road.

Seriously though The experiences I had at this even will be with me forever, Meeting all the people involved, spinning between bands, and having such a great time was worth all the effort.

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