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Updates. . . Busy Busy Busy . . .

I am The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune represents unexpected encounters and twists of fate. You can't predict surprises; you can only be aware when one is circling around. Indeed, Card 10 often suggests wheel-like actions - changes in direction, repeating cycles and rapid movement. When the energy of the Wheel arrives, you will feel life speed up. You are caught in a cyclone that may deposit you anywhere. "Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows."

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This is so fitting right now. . .

Things to Do:

Call Subaru about the Brake Switch they were supposed to have ordered two weeks ago
Get Gear ready for Djing Tonight
Get Bags Packed and prepare for the flight tomorrow
Study. Study. Study.
Prepare for Djing the EFF Fundrasier
Prepare for Djing the Pool2 Party at Defcon

and more stuff I'm sure will occur to me after I've posted this.


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