Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

First DC702 Meeting. . .

Hung out with irishmasms last night, sound checked the P.A. we're going to be for the DC702 Summit (and likely the Pool 2 Defcon Party, Irish was gifted with a per of Klipsch speaker cabinets by a guy he knew from the airforce a bit ago, they've been sitting in his garage unused. These are roughly 24" wide, 18 inches deep, have a 15" Woofer, a Horn and a Tweeter, no idea on the other specs on the speakers, they're also in need of a good black spraypaint job, and redoing of the horrible tweed speaker covers, (Vintage late 60's early 70's) But I know we had them hooked up to a Yamaha something-600 Series Amplifier (he also has the same series-1000 amplifier, and had that hooked directly to my Stanton Pro-30 and cranked it all the way up, and the sound was absolutely beautiful. I'm looking forward to Djing this. A Lot if you want to go tickets are available through There will be an amazing array of speakers at the meet and greet.

Then it was off to my first DC702 meeting, at the Ice House, wow, it's mot often I feel like the least technologically literate person in a room. It's . . . humbling. I really have no excuse not to get my linux box up and runnig, so I can at least say, yeah I run linux on one of my boxen. **rolls eyes** Had a lot of fun, great bunch of guys, and the plans they have for the con look absolutely hillarious. I will quite likely be back.

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