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The trials and tribulations of online hotel and car rental booking. . .

So I just spent the last hour and a half on the phone with The first lady I spoke with said that they could waive the 50.00 cancellation fee if I rescheduled the car rental through them. I told her that's great, transfer me to the people who do the scheduling and I would take care of that and be transfered back to her to cancel the vacation package.

Off I go to the first transfers, thye can't locate my account but tell me that its not unusual as i signed up for the account online last night and it can take 48-72 hours to get it in the system. The set me up a temporary Account Number, I scheduled my rental, got a new account number from them and asked to be transfered back to the vacation package cancellation people, and ended up speaking with someone who couldnt find my vacation package after speaking with them for a bit, I discovered I was no longer speaking with cheap tickets and hadnt been from that first transfer, but was instead speaking with Travelers Advantage, who advised me to contact Cheap tickets.

After 45 mintues on hold, I finally get a live body on the phone but they have no record of the car rental. I explain the whole situation again, and am told that they will go ahead and do a courtesy waive of the charges, but I will still get charged $50.00 for the cancellation. (so evidently it would have been a 100.00 Cancellation fee) I asked for the case to be escalated, got the Name and operator ID of the guy i was speaking with and ended the call.

Started talking with my mom and looking into what I would need to do to dispute the charges with my credit card company. Two minutes later, the phone rings, its the guy I was just talking to, he said that after looking at the case that they had decided to refund the whole package ($390.96) and they apologized for the inconvienience.


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