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L.A. Trip Update. . .

Well as i was unable to find anyone who's house i could crash at for the L.A. Industrial Festival. I've gone ahead and rented my hotel and car. I'm not going to be staying all that close to the venue, but I got a room at the Hotel Huntington Beach in Huntington Beach California. I also went with a convertable, which will be somthing akin to a Ford Mustang. . . so i will be pimping it in Huntington Beach and hanging out with my friend Carlos, inbetween clubbing Friday at Das Bunker, Saturday at Bar Sinister, The Dungeon, or Addiction, and Sunday at the Festival. I'm looking forward to seeing the people who are going to be there from Portland, and my Online friends from Sykospark Forums


Teach me to not check my previous post before making a new one about not being able to find a place to crash. Looks like i may get to cancel the spendy hotel and stay with a friend of a friend.
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