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New Gear. . .
Thanks to a friend of mines firesale and need to clear out some gear I recently accuired three peices of new gear.

Peice one. . .

1.) Emagic EMI 2|6 USB Audio Interface
Emagic's EMI 2|6 USB audio interface is a nifty and convenient solution for notebook-toting recording musicians. Despite its diminutive size, the EMI (Emagic Multichannel Interface) provides computer-based recordists with two analog inputs, six analog outputs, and stereo S/PDIF I/O. One feature that makes it unique among USB interfaces is its ability to output 6-channel surround. In combination with the right software, the EMI 2|6's latency is sufficiently low to make it especially useful for use with virtual instruments.

MAC: G3/266; 64 MB RAM; OS 9.1; USB port
PC: Pentium/233; 64 MB RAM; Windows 98SE/ME; compatible sound card; USB port
EMI 2|6 Specifications Audio I/O (2) RCA analog inputs; (6) RCA analog outputs; (1) S/PDIF coaxial I/O; (1) ¨û" stereo headphones output (with Volume)
Driver Support ASIO, EASI, MME, DirectSound/WDM, Apple Sound Manager (16-bit only)
Bit Resolution 24-bit input with 16-bit output; 16-bit input with 24-bit output
Sampling Rates Mac/Win: 44.1, 48 kHz (2 input/6 output); Win: 96 kHz (2 input/2 output)
Dimensions 4.49" (W) ¡¿ 7.56" (L) ¡¿ 1.34" (H)
Weight 1.19 lb.

Compact MIDI control box with 16 rotary controls (rotary potentiometers)
- ltd. EDITION BLUE BLACK AND YELLOW metallic housing
- Dimensions: about 17x7x4 cm
128 presets with useful assignement of MIDI events to the 16 knobs (e.g. current software synthesizer, XG controller, 16 x volume on the 16 MIDI channels and so on), for nearly each application there is something 'on board'
The following Midi messages can be generated:
any controller, after touch, pitch bend, common RPN resp. NRPN controller, as well as most of the current GS and XG controllers resp. XG SysEx messages
The MIDI channel can be set for each control separately (of course all knobs may transmit on the same channel too, any combinations of MIDI message and MIDI channel are possible)
Preset selection via DIP switch at the rear panel or via incoming MIDI program change messages on the MIDI master channel
Snapshot button with blue LED display
MIDI In with merge feature: incoming MIDI data are merged to the MIDI data generated by the Pocket Control. Merge function can be turned off with the editor program
The editor program (PC version) enables the user to program his own 128 presets. This means that you can define the function of each of the 16 controllers in your own 128 presets. You no longer depend on the factory presets ! The program can be downloaded free of charge from our internet site - e.g. to test the programming possibilities before you purchase the Pocket Control
Additionally you may order the OEM version of Emgagic's Sounddiver (PC and Mac version on CD ROM) together with Pocket Control at Euro 10.00 (about US$10.00) (available only in connection with Pocket Control , not a full version of Sounddiver, runs only with Doepfer devices)
external AC adapter for power supply (AC adapter for 230V AC and European type of mains connector is included, adapters for other voltages or other mains connector types has to be purchased by the customer in his country, 7...12V/100mA DC required)

3.) M-Audio/Midiman MERGE-2X2 MIDI Merge Box

The Merge 2 x 2 MIDI Merger allows any 2 incoming MIDI signals to be merged and sent to either 1 or 2 MIDI devices. Merge 2x 2 can also be used as a 1 In/2 Out MIDI thru box. Merge 2 x 2 can be used whenever you have 2 MIDI signals that need to go to the same destination. Also, if you find that your MIDI system has had a "nervous breakdown," the 2 x 2 has a built-in "panic button" feature.

2 MIDI Ins merged into 2 MIDI Outs

MIDI All Notes Off message is sent on power up, allowing unit to function as a MIDI "panic button"

No external power supply needed: Powered by MIDI In

Power indicator LED, Built-in DC jack for use with optional power adapter
Can supply extra MIDI driving power if needed

Grand Total $250.00

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