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New (Old) Books. . .

For the Biblophiles who lurk on my friends list (**cough** xterminal **cough**).

My Grandmother gave me a couple of books, I have no idea if they are rare, or worth anything but It's definately an interesting feeling to hold something over 100 years old in my hand.

The first is a 1942 Copy of F. Van Wych Mason's - River of Glory (Second Impression) Printed by the J. Lippincott Company of Philladelphia and New York.

The Second is a 1901 Copy of Henryk Seinkiewicz's - Quo Vadis - A Narrative of the Time of Nero (Popular Edition) - Authorized and Unabridged Translation from the Polish by Jeremiah Curtin - Published by Little, Brown and Company, Boston.

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