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Friends in town. . . Tatoo Goodnes. . .

It's been a busy couple of days, two of my really good friends from Portland, Shawn and Sarah are in town this week, Monday night I took them to the Double Down, and the Freakin Frog before going back to the Monte Carlo, and introducing them to the Micro Brewerie in their hotel, and the (SM) 80'oz as opposed to the (LG) 120'oz Beer Towers available. Sean and I split the 80'oz'er and had a good chat.

Tuesday, Shawn and Sarah came along to Kosta's for the Josh's First Friday of the week, unwinding session, hung out, B.S.'d showed of the Laptop Dj Gear (Its damn good to meet a vinyl purisit, who's willing to try something new, and alothough he likes vinyl better, be able to admit, that it takes considerable skill and familiarity with the equipment to use Traktor.)

Wednesday, got my car fixed (New Serpentine belts and rear brakes) and finally got around to starting on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the P.C. wow, what a great game, I really like what they've done with the game. This one is going to suck a lot of my free time up, not that I have a lot of free time as it is. Then headed over to andrew_shows for more work on my back, after 2.5 hours, here's the results. . .

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