Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
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Announcing: Sacrelige 18

So Aleisha called me last night, seems she is starting up a new Sacrelige night, 'Sacrelige 18' to differentiate it from the 21+ sacrelige' night at City Light Bistro. It will be located at a venue on Oakey and the roughly the strip, that used to be a meet and greet venue for swingers. It will be 18+ have a $10.00 cover and they will serve whatever juice and/or energy drinks we want them to. It will also be happening on Saturday nights. I guess I'm offically part of the 'Dj Stable' for both venue's now. When I know more about the opening date i will post it. So if you're in town and now any 18+ peeps upset because they have nothing scene related to do in town. . . let them know about it.

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