Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Dark Skies Report. . .

What a weekend. . . very long, very hot, very fun, those of you who couldnt make it, missed out.

I showed up at the Playa just north of Primm, NV at about 3:30pm, and started setting up, got my tent and provisions taken care of by around 5:30 and started touring the rest of the event after dark. there were probably 100 people there the first night. Although cars kept rolling in until well after midnight. Stayed up all night, got to Dj a little bit on Friday night, before Scholar (Metaphysical Rapper) came on, the Dj Booth was on top of a power lift, which was malfunctioning, so instead of being 40 or more feet above the camp, we were only about 10 Feet above the camp.

Got about 1 hour of sleep, as the music didnt stop till 7:00am, and the sun started to rise at 5:00am. . . crashed out for an hour and a half before the heat chased me out of my tent and under the cover of the tarps and canopies we erected over the carpet and couches in the camp (wew were the chill out space) Suffered through the heat of the day, more people showed up and toured the camp, got to watch Ian from Meat over Moscow get a bleeding headwound from a windblown tarp support, luckily it didnt require stitches.

Had the local nudist colony come by on their mobile strip pole (Golf Card, with outboard woodent stands with brass poles) giving away free hotdogs, yes I ate a free hotdog (provided by a clothed cook) in the presence of a collection of very brown, very naked nudist.

About 6:00pm the sun started going down, I set up my gear on the powerlift, and started playing about 7:00pm, and kept going until 10:00pm when Anamorphisis came one to do a noise set. My set was recieved very well, I had lots of positive compliments from the people in camp, and the visitors who wandered through.

By this point my feet felt like they were on fire, I had walked around the previous day, with my feet baking in leather boots, wearing two pairs of socks which had pooled in the bottoms of my boots and were making an very uneven, and uncomfortable walking surface. I relented and allowed chad to rub my feet wich made them feel much better and then went to my test and passed out for the night, so much for partying hard on Saturday night.

I woke up at 6:30 am as the sun crested the mountians and started dissassembling my camp, by 8:30 it was already getting hot, and I pulled off of the playa. I'm definately looking forward to the next Darkskies is Sept/Oct, and will post more information as it becomes available. I'm trying to line up a bunch of people to go, I've already got 2+ coming from Portland to participate and I'd love to give a more industrial bent to the event.

My Camp

Shots of the Chill out Area at night and the 'Stage'

The Playa, and a closeup of Dj Angel

The 'Green Room' Yay Blacklight Shaggin Wagon. . .

More Shaggin Wagon Pics

Scholar, and part of the lights and effects

Scholar and Sj Shoe at Sunrise. . .

Camp at Sunrise, and Brian (Event Organizer) shows up to check everthing out

The guys we were camping wth, he had this thing called an echoplex, wich allowed him to loop in anything that he was running through his sound board, and jam along to the loops, was definately entertaining. I can't wait to see them in Oct, when I will have my Mix Me Dj hot in hand to jack in.

Looks hot, don't it, well it wasnt too bad under the tarps.


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