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Budgets, overtime and other fun things. . .

So I've spent today figuring out my budget, the things I have planned over the next 6-18 months and my proposed purchase of a 2007 Scion tC.

I've figured out that I will need to save roughly 400.00 per paycheck for the next 18 months, and live like a monk if I want to do it, but that when I have completed this i will be driving a car that truly excites me and has all kinds of crazy features and accessories available for it. Grand Total is currently $21,942.45 For a fully loaded 160HP little 4 banger that hauls ass, plus the supercharger accessory for the beast is expected to come out by the end of this year, and that will push the HP up to about 220 and the ft lbs of torque up to 210 @ 1800RPM :) I plan to have between 12-14K saved as a down payment, and my monthly payments for Insurance and Car will total about $350.00, this also entails continuing to live at my parents for that amount of time, but I'm ok with that. With all of my current bills, paying of my credit card debt and my child support it leaves me about $120 wiggle room in the budget, I'm hoping that will be do-able.

I've revised my list of to do things, it turns out that the Los Angeles Industrial Festival and international beer fest fall on the same date :( I've already purchased my ticket for the show so it takes priority. Now I have to decide if I want to Drive to LA or Fly in it will cost about the same and take about the same amount of time when factoring in the two hour wait in the airport, but I would have to rent a car in LA which would be expensive as fuck so I'm leaning towards driving.

Which also means my trip to PDX has been pushed back to probably Labor Day Weekend, I'll be in town most likely either wed or thursday will visit with friends and then be camping with other friends or partying like a rockstar the whole weekend.

Speaking of partying like a rockstar, I'm very much looking forward to thursday night the start of my three day weekend. I will be celebrating my birthday at the local goth night (sacrelige) and then heading out in the morning to do all of my last minute pre desert camping shopping *bye bye half my check*

But I got some good news (in a way) my boss asked me to work one of my co-workers shift on wednesday between 2-10:30pm she's having some medical issues and needs the time off and as a result, I will only be missing one day of pay on the the check, which will be covered by the 9.2 hours of vacation I will have accrued by that paycheck.

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