Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
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I just found out that I was able to get all of my birthday weekend off, Fri-Sunday 5/20-5/22. Which means that I get to go to the entirity of the Dark Skies Festival, rather than going Friday night and having to be back to work on Saturday.

I'm glad that, friday is a payday, because I have about $300.00 in supplies I need to get for that weekend. YAY camping in the desert. YAY spinning music for lots of people, YAY PARTYING!!! Anyone who is interested in going to this because I am performing, I can get two people in with me at the gate, on friday for $30.00 ea (rather than the $75.00 at the gate) You would just need to have camping gear and the necessary desert survival supplies.

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