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Waiting for the upload of the all 'old fashioned dj gear' mix to finnish.

Gear Used: 2 x Stanton S-250 w/ Stanton Pro 30 Mixer

Here ya go uberthug

Das Bunker Demo v.2 (104mb)
Cue Sheet(Load with Nero Burning Rom to burn Mp3 to a 17 Track CD)

Demo v.2 Track List:
Scrap.edx - skitzo
Pierrepoint - painfulbeatz
Asche - Atomic I.C.E. (MS Gentur Mix)
Combichrist - Without Emotion
NKVD - Timescape
KiEw - Dcdisk (Dd Version)
Converter - Zombi
Feindflug - Kahle Bedrohung
H.I.V+ - Peaceable Machines
Monolith - Tekno Buddha
Broken Fabiola - Japanese Callgirl (Manufactura Remix)
Genetic Selection - Freedom Requires Sacrifice
Black Lung - The Depopulation Bomb
P.A.L. - T.A.E.
Dulce Liquido - Psicosis
Proyecto Mirage - Peircing Ring (Human Mix)
Sonar - She's a Stone Killer