Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Well looks like I get to see Imminent Twice on this tour. . . :)

I just wish that people could have got the word out more that 2 days before the show. . .  **shrugs**

This Thursday April 28th...

Sacrilege is proud to host : The Darkmatter Tour
feat. performances by:

imminent (hymen,ant-zen - belgium)
diskore (darkmatter)
baseck (darkmatter,addict,schematic)
sonic death rabbit (darkmatter)

* * Presented by Dame Azriele & Las Vegas Power Grid * *
* * with ambience & nightmare-soundtracks by DJ Russell Scott and guest * *

$10 Cover / Doors at 10:30 PM
@ City Lights Bistro
( NE Corner of Flamingo and Decatur )

This event will occur throughout the night and will serve as this week's Sacrilege event!

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your Mom! Bring them all!

$10 is a measly price to pay for the luxury of seeing one of the most respected and well known proponents of power-noise worldwide...right here in Las Vegas!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *
This announcement is brought to you as is, without warrantee, by the "Better Late than Never" Collective (sic).

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Rev Dj RaZorslave
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