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Das Bunker Demo . . .

Welp. . .

I've spent most of today at work playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete and picking songs for the Das Bunker Demo I'm making for uberthug. When I get the mixdown completed I will be posting it online for him to download from my site, I figure I'll probably post the link here as well.

This is the *tentative* Playlist. . . it may be a little longer depending on what I want to do.

Combichrist - Without Emotions
Soman - Seven
Massiv In Mensch - Mein Letztes Bonbon
Feindflug - Kahle Bedrohung
Implant - Flash
Leather Strip - Coming up for Air
Skinny Puppy - Morpheus Laughing
Snow In China - Black Box
H.I.V.+ - Peaceable Machines
Die Form - Hidden Cage 1
Wumpscut - Womb (Miserable Days Mixx)
Monolith - Tekno Buddha (Mixed with Introduction to the Sound of meat by Black Lung)
QNTAL - Am Morgen Fruo (Remix by Bruno Kramm)
Broken Fabiola - Japanese Call Girl (Manufactura Remix)
Genetic Selection - Freedom Requires Sacrifice
Pierrepoint - Rowboz
Black Lung - Despotic Heroic Diversion


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