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Good night sweet prince. . .

Went out to celebrate the raise. . .

Highpoint: hung with gwyll and had great conversation. Drank 4 beers in under an hour an a half, managed to get a little tipsy. Talked to Aleisha about Djing, won't be happening next week, probably the week after with Russell. We'll see.

lowpoint: Found out that one of the other Dj's does not want to spin with me. Ever. Seem they are upset about something I said, or did, I dunno for sure, details were not provided. As there is only one incident that I can think of where I remotely said anything dispariging about the person, perhaps, if they would like to be respected and not complained about, they should act like a professional and not choose to drive people off the dance floor because of personal conficts. Or is it who I choose to be friends with. **shrugs** like it matters.


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