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Trip to LA. . .

Well I'm back, I survived, although I blew a tire and had to spend an hour and a half at Pep Boy's getting a new one.

Got to hang out with Rachel, Oontz, sykospark, Dj Bractune, axo his girl, Gary Coleman Ate My Balls (that's a username B.T.W.) Got to exhibit the laptop Dj setup for the peeps at axo's Girl's Judith's party.

Saw Imminent, was amazing, Boutgh $67.00 worth of merch, left my Venetian Snares - Horse and Goat Vinyl at the club, was to drunk to consider driving back. Had many interesting conversations with interesting people. Stayed up until 7:00am talking metaphysics and reality abd meshing the two together I.R.L. while maintaining a ballance.

Crashed for an hour in Yermo outside an abandoned "International Resturant" before the heat woke me up and I kept driving, Paid 3.59 a gallon for gas in a scary little tourist trap. Drove at over 100 miles an hour the whole way home, because that was the only speed I could find that didnt cause the entire car to vibrate due to the bent rim fromt he tire blowing.

Had my parent's digital camera with me, took a buch of pics, but my 1GB SD Flash card decided to take a dump, at least it has a 5 year warranty. . .

whew. . . That about covers it. . .

If only the forums were back up. . .


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